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With the use of sophisticated technology, along with decades of experience in Forensic Accounting, we've been able to provide our clients unparalleled accuracy and turnaround.

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We take pride in giving our clients exceptional advice, solutions and support. We’re completely dedicated to them.

Wayne Lorch

“We thrive inside the courtroom. It’s where we simplify the complex and clarify the confusion.”

During Wayne’s career as a forensic accountant, he has developed an outstanding reputation within the legal community as being extremely fluid and forward thinking.  He is frequently appointed as the Courts own expert on financial issues under Evidence Code §730.  A graduate of University of California Santa Barbara with a degree in Business Economics,  Wayne focuses his practice in Ventura, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties.

Wayne's CV

Patrick Greene

“Persuasive testimonies come from having rock solid forensic data and the ability to articulate the facts.”

Patrick is respected as one of the preeminent forensic accountants in Los Angeles. Concise communication with the legal team is the cornerstone of his practice style. He is frequently requested to speak at professional organizations throughout California. He graduated from University of Texas, San Antonio with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and a Minor in Finance.

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Years of

Combined Experience

In addition to Wayne and Patrick, LorchGreene’ s staff hold decades of experience in working as a team to provide our clients with the highest standard of efficiency. Let our professional staff of MBA’s, CPA’s/ABV’s/CFF’s and CVA’s help you find the right answers.

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